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图片6.pngDr. Frank Cheng, CEO and Principle and Senior Consultants

With PhD in chemistry in Canada and PDF in Biophysical Chemistry in US, skilled in drug substance (DS) and drug product (DP) development and technology transfer, CMO project management, CMO business development. Dr. Frank Cheng has established extensive networks in pharmaceutical industry of China and is accessible to many excellent resources in China for pharmaceutical development and manufacturing for US, EU and other established markets.


TERRY Senior vice President of Alban Pharma - U.S.A.

- A Well-known American CMO strategy expert.

- Has Successful business development experience in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

- Strategic problem solver, ensuring organizational effectiveness by identifying and implementing process improvement, operational and account management strategies.

- Strong leader with board experience, skilled at developing relationships with internal and external stakeholders, providing required information and resolving problems that drive business promptly and efficiently. 


Jack ZHANG -Vice President of Business Development –China

- Has 10+ experience in the pharmaceutical industry with Good Quality Management & Business Development experience.

- Has many rich and reliable partner channel and be able to build good collaborations.

- Participated in and implementation product launch project of chemical and biological drugs in U.S.A/EU market.


 Glenn GUO,Senior Project Manager, Licensed Pharmacists

- Working experiences in due diligences and qualifications of CMO partners

- Professional skills in contract negotiation and project planning  

- Bilingual communication skills and high affinity with CMO partners   

- Previously 10+ marketing & operation management experience in Multinational the pharmaceutical companies.

- Successful operated several brand name drugs and achieved target market share.

- Received recognitions and awards from international headquarters.


Eva JIN Technology Transfer Manager

- Management of multiple projects with high satisfaction of clients

- Technical Transfer Protocols and Management

- Extensive experience in process research, quality research, technology transfer and application for chemical generics, biosimilars;

Managed EU/USA contract development and manufacturing projects, including CMO Quality Audit, Project Schedule Management.

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Dr. Frank CHENG

Tel: +86 21 64262161

Mobile: +86 13818112430

Email: frank.cheng@albanpharma.com


Glenn GUO

Tel: +86 21 64262201

Mobile: +86 18616399317

Email: glenn.guo@albanpharma.com