High sensitivity - ALBAN PHARMA

ALBAN High Sensitivity Pharmaceuticals Contract manufacturing site is a professional pharmaceutical manufacturer for both developing and manufacturing High sensitivity drugs with cFDA GMP Approval and FDA approval inspection planned. The production capacity is 40 million vials ,1.5 billion tables and 2 billion capsules per year with widely variable batch sizes.

As Africa (NAFDAC, FMHACA) approved facility, there are serval drug products manufactured at the site to supply many hospitals in Africa. The site is equipped with

- NJP-3500B Automatic capsule filling machine 

- bgb-150D High efficiency coating machine

- CT-C-1/2 Hot air circulation dryer

- FG-120 Fluidized dryer

- KQC-120 Vertical ultrasonic bottle cleaning machine

- KZF-300 Digital screw powder filling machine

- DMH-3 Sterility powder mixing machine

- Both Automatic and Manual Packaging Lines

- Classified Manufacturing Site with Grade A, B, C and D controls

- Fully Temperature Controlled Warehouse with 15,000 square meters

- Suitable for vials, tablets and capsules